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Pedal It Out

"When my grandfather moved in with us after being diagnosed with melanoma, I saw first-hand, at 8 years old, the devastating journey that cancer makes a person and their loved ones go through."

Alec Souders, Founder Pedal It Out

Pedal It Out is an all-volunteer 501c3 non-profit organization established in 2012, organizing events, primarily annual bike rides to fund cancer research, particularly for The Melanoma Research Foundation in recent years. Founded by Alec Souders and originally called "Go Alec Go" at age 11, it is inspired by personal loss to cancer, the initiative has evolved from small family rides to a larger community effort, raising over $250,000 to date. The event symbolizes a collective fight against cancer, bringing together individuals affected by the disease and emphasizing that anyone, regardless of age, can make a significant difference.

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