Age knows no boundaries when it comes to volunteering to make a difference. It's as easy as riding a bike! Pedal It Out is fortunate to have a very strong youth-lead leadership team:

Alec Souders - Alec is essentially the "founder" of Pedal It Out. He is the one that decided to DO something about the impact that cancer was having on his life and along with the rest of the Pedal It Out team, has encouraged others to step up and do their own thing to make a difference. Alec is now a sophomore at Christopher Newport University where he is majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Leadership. He hopes to use computer science and bioinformatics to further the fight against cancer. 

Zac Branciforte - Zac is a sophomore at New York University studying Theatre. He has been involved with Pedal It Out since the start and played a huge part of our fundraising success. He was a part of our first ride at the age of 10 and finished in Georgetown, so he has been with us since the very beginning!

Brendan Boyle ​- Brendan is a sophomore at James Madison University. Brendan has biked many miles with Pedal It Out including the ride from Pittsburgh in 2013 when we almost froze our fingers off! And this was in MAY!

Max Branciforte - Max is a rising sophomore at Oakton High School. Max has been instrumental in both participating in the ride as well as fundraising and spreading the word. Donors cannot say "no" to Max when he gives his Pedal It Out pitch- very professional!

Cole Souders - Cole is a rising freshman at Oakton High School. Cole's most memorable experience was the 2014 ride. After riding about 60 miles because of the time change it got very dark, VERY FAST. With no cell coverage to call anyone, Cole and his mom had to just keep nearly pitch black conditions until they hit the pick up point in Little Orleans. Oh and by the way, they did not have any lights. Scary for sure, but not as scary as cancer.

Louis Mancusi - Louis is a rising freshman at Oakton High School. Louis has participated in every ride to date and has also been a leading fundraiser. Louis is also our Jr. Secretary on the board. He has already made great efforts in reaching out to sponsors this year to make our raffle a success at the after ride celebration.

Thomas Donohue - Thomas is a rising freshman at Thomas Jefferson High School and has provided Pedal It Out with not only good laughs and high spirits over the years, but motivation and positivity. We are very excited that he has joined the Board this year!

Eleanor Donohue - Ellie is a senior at Oakton High School and has always been a big support over all of Pedal It Out's years. She will be attending Villanova University in the fall. She now acts as our creative artist, designing our t-shirts and murals! Merci Ellie!

Nicholas Capriles- Nicholas is a 7th grader at Franklin Middle School and is new to the youth team this year.  We are delighted to have his sweet demeanor and photography talent join us—after all his great photos at the Dogfish event, we think he has to be Historian!  Nicholas did an awesome job with greeting people and announcing the raffle giveaways. 

Women "Mom" Power Leaders:

Kristen Souders - Kristen is the sherpa of the organization. Our first four years, she provided clean clothes, transportation, and support for Alec and Andy. She will forever remember her 66 mile day where she survived the ride from Frostburg, MD to Little Orleans, MD- a life changer. Now, she spends a lot of time contacting sponsors, setting up the ride itinerary and organizing the after ride celebration.

Cyndi Branciforte - Cyndi has been with us since the beginning. Over the years, she has helped us receive countless sponsors, and does a fantastic job at spreading the word of our cause. She is a huge help with making the starting points and after ride celebration "happen". Her positive energy helps the team run smoother.

Jill Mancusi - Jill has been a rider for many years. She also has helped with making sure all starters have made it off safely at our different points. She was the source of much of the fun setting up our starting stations at midnight in her pajamas. She does a great job getting donors and finding our volunteers to help.

Karen Donohue- Karen is crucial to pulling our ride details together when we are down to the wire- which is why she will be putting together our rider packets this year! She also contributes her artistic flair to our shirts, as well as setting up/taking down the water stations and still make it back to serve a burrito at the after party!

Tammy Capriles- Tammy is our newest “Mom” addition and power horse when it comes to organizing an event!  She took on chairing the Dogfish event with Jill this year and did a phenomenal job.  Every detail was perfect right down to the beautifully presented giveaways that were raffled off throughout the night.  A warm welcome to her and her family to the team!

Stay tuned to this site for their own video testimonials on what Pedal It Out means to them.

Pedal It Out's Board of Directors are:

Andy Souders

Joe Boyle

Jason Branciforte